About Company

Created by blockchain experts and financial professionals, our company is registered in the United Kingdom. IE Options is a trading platform that provides cryptocurrency-based financial derivatives. The company is committed to providing more cryptocurrency liquidity to the market through simple transactions, giving more traders the opportunity to make crypto investments simple and efficient.

Our mission

IE Option is commited to provide professional, secure and transparent financial services.

  • 01 Profession

    We provide you with correct indeces and outstanding online services for PC and mobile, 24/7. We're committed to crypto promotion by fulfilling our clients needs with a great trading experience.

  • 02 Security

    We adopted the most advanced hierarchical deterministic wallet system. The platform provides reliable protection of your funds at all stages of usage: from making a deposit to withdrawing money. All deposit addresses are secure cold wallets. There never have been any security issues.

  • 03 Transparency

    The digital futures trading mechanism is designed to be 100% transparent to the user. The IE Option clearly records users deposit history, withdrawal history and transaction records to protect you from any unnecessary charges.

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